Tristen Bakker · Editor and word person

What I do

Simply put, I work with you and your words. More specifically, my work ranges from precise line-by-line examination of texts right through to broad-perspective questions of voice, structure, and audience. As a developmental editor, line-editor, and copyeditor, I have worked with a many clients on wide array of subjects, formats, and styles — see more on this in my portfolio of recent work.

In general, the work that I do is arranged in four main areas: developmental editing, line-editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

Developmental editing: This process is to shape your text and deal with big-picture issues. This stage looks at larger-work aspects like genre, tense, narrative voice, plot, dramatic arc, characterisation, pace, audience. Questions are asked and decisions are made in relation to the entire work. The text is considered in relation to what will maintain the reader’s interest and make them want to continue to read your work.

Line-editing: In this sentence-level process, the text is examined in depth for sense and flow within the text. Elements such as sentence length, punctuation, syntax, and language style are reviewed and made consistent within the work. This process is often combined with copyediting.

Copyediting: In this work, incorrect or inconsistent spelling, grammar and punctuation are taken care of. These corrections will assure that the reader does not get distracted while reading by errors within the writing.

Proofreading: The final stage of a written work. Any mistakes, layout problems, or technical issues are found and flagged so they can be corrected before a work goes to publication. The last buff and polish before the big show.

I also offer evaluations of texts and manuscripts that can help determine what stage your work is at and how we could best work with your text.