Tristen Bakker · Editor and word person

About me

I am a developmental editor, line-editor and copyeditor based in Berlin, originally from Toronto, Canada. I have been working as an editor in various capacities for over twenty-five years. I am also a filmmaker and musician, and I approach my work from a creative perspective, whether it be within problem solving, writing, or handling the words of others. I have always been fascinated with the written word and was the only kid in my class who enjoyed English grammar lessons. (Oh comma, how you thrill me.)

Coming from Canada it has been possible for me to move between British- and American-English styles as Canadian style incorporates elements of both. I like to work with memoir in developing the tone, plot and characters similarly to working with novels. I work within genre fiction (humour, sci-fi, speculative, romance, apocalyptic) for juveniles, young adults and adults. I have worked on many other styles of texts from self-help to erotica to poetry. I also enjoy working with essays, criticism and reviews specifically within the fields of music, film and performance.

I work with independent authors, small publishers and cultural organisations. I know how to work with creative people on creative work because I am one.