Tristen Bakker · Editor and word person


“I was very pleased with Tristen's attention to detail and professionalism during her editing of my new historical novel Desperate Valour. Of equal importance, she understood my genre and the need to balance two-hundred-year-old dialogues and culture while making the book appealing for modern readers. She was in regular contact with me, asking questions to strengthen the text.” Timothy Ashby, PhD, JD, MBA · Author, Florida, USA
“Tristen’s corrections are the most detailed ones I have ever seen. I’ve also learned a lot from her comments.” Anita Jóri · Author and Music Historian, Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany
“Working with Tristen was a dream—she is incredibly thorough, precise, and knowledgeable. She catches everything! A brilliant editor and copyeditor.” Christian Hawkey · Author, Poet, and Translator, Berlin, Germany
“I loved working with Tristen the most because of her great respect for others and her willingness to cooperate in solving some demanding tasks. Very kind and generous personality, with words and deeds.” Marija Zdravkovic · Painter and Designer, Modern Times Review, Belgrade, Serbia
“Tristen’s thorough and diligent work improved this book very much! Her commitment to this project, in combination with very good communication, made this a fine publication.” Dr. Benedikt Brilmayer · Author and Research Associate, Musikinstrumenten-Museum (SIM PK), Berlin, Germany
“Tristen is an incredibly responsible and professional editor who made the editing process stress-free and easy. Her attention to detail and commitment to meeting deadlines is impressive.” Mayya Geo · Author and Designer, Berlin, Germany